Sending stuff is good - it's how I keep myself interested in stuff and entertained at the same time. There are just a few things that need to be gone over before the submitting actually happens, though.

*I am wanting to host other people's fanfiction and fanart. Just having my own stuff would be boring and vain. But said fanfictions and fanarts must be yours. I hate plagerism and would like to prevent any cases of mistaken identity.
*This site was originally intended for just YST and BSSM crossover fiction. Then it was for any anime and BSSM crossover fiction. Now it's for anything pertaining to J-rock/pop, BSSM, WK, YST, GW, YYH, Trigun, RK, and any Final Fantasy starting from 7 and working up. Since the anime fanfic section of this site is still for crossovers, all submitted anime fanfics should have at least two series crossed. Yaoi, yuri, shounen- and shoujo-ai are welcomed with open arms. I will accept pretty much any pairings.
*All fanfictions must have decent spelling and grammar.
*Plotless one-shots are perfectly fine, but plotless epics ... er ... well ...
*Also, when sending fanfictions, I ask that you not send me the story in the body of an e-mail, but send it as an attachment instead. If you wanna be really cool and send it already in .html format, that's great - otherwise send it in .doc format and I'll do it myself.
*Fanarts should deal with the same characters at the fanfics. No obscure porn-anime fanarts will be hosted here.
*Nudity, shounen-ai and shoujo-ai, yaoi and yuri, are all fine. In any way, shape, or form.

Please stick "submission" in the subject line, so I know why I'm being e-mailed. I have a tendency to delete things otherwise.

E-mail me here