These are icons made for LiveJournal and as so are ALL 100x100 in size. They feature various things that I like, but do not own. You can be quite sure that the pictures were not taken by me, or anyone I know, and can be found at many other sites on the web. For the record, they are posted in relative order they were made, so the newer ones are at the end of the bunches, and many contain my lame attempts at humor. All of them have at least a single pixel border, usually in black, so you may not be able to see it. Some of them are transparent with text over them, but the text may be written in black. Many of them have been added to with paintbrushes by the fantastic Michelle of and are being displayed here with her permission.

A few rules before we get into the icons. Keep in mind that these rules only apply to you if you take an icon.

*E-mail me and/or sign the guestbook and let me know where they're going
*Don't take the ones marked 'not for adoption'
*If someone asks where you got 'em from: You got 'em from Omi, or Silent Angels

Dir en grey
Malice Mizer
New York Yankees