Welcome to the disclaimer part of the page. To make everything simpler for everybody, I'm just gonna stick all the disclaimers here, so you don't have to read them every time you visit a page.

I don't know any of the creators, seiyuu, English voice actors, dubbers, sub-titlers, children, cousins, aunts or uncles, grandparents, dogs or dog walkers of any anime mentioned on this site. I cannot account for their creations, and I certainly don't own them (though there are a lot out there that I'd like to own ... ). ALL characters, information, ideas, ect. belong to their respective creaters and/or artists. While we're on the subject, I don't own any of the J-rockers mentioned on this site, either. I can't lay claim to any of their songs, instruments, pets, or the people themselves (but believe me I wish I could).

No official images found on this site belong to me. I didn't take any photos of any J-rock bands, and I certainly don't do any drawing for any anime series, finished or not. Speaking of which, most, if not all, images were swiped from people who swiped. Of course, if you're the one who scanned them, it's quite possible that I visited your site, took 'em and forgot. In that case e-mail me, show me your site, and I'll do whatever you say.
As for my graphics stealing policy, it goes like this: Me make; you no take. Simple, huh? I have made every last graphic on this site - so unless you're taking one of the linking banners to link back here, I don't want to see my stuff on your site. If I give you permission to use, it's one thing, but if I see them and haven't given you permission, you're in trouble.

Fan Fiction/Fan Art
The art and fiction found herein do not belong to me unless otherwise noted. That means, DO NOT take the said art or fiction unless you have permission from the artist or author to take and use. I do not wish to be sued for giving out other people's work, I'm broke enough as it is. Don't take my work either, because if you do, trust me, I will find a way to make your life into the most painful, living hell I possibly can.

As said before, I don't know any of the creators, dubbers, sub-titlers, seiyuu, voice actors, artisis, or any family relitives or associates of the above mentioned. Which means, It IS possible that some info found on the site MAY BE WRONG. All of said information was taken from other sites, so blame them. I'm sorry if you are Kyo's wife and I messed up on his birthday, but I really don't know if I did or not. If I am wrong e-mail me, telling me so in a civilized manner, and I'll change it. Simple, yeah?