9/28/06: Ai Ni Yotte Influenza is now FINISHED. It stands at eight chapters, and there will be no more. I hope that it met expectations in the end. As always, the new chapter can be found in Fiction under Omi.
9/11/06: Been a while, hasn't it? I bring you an update to say that 777 has been reached, and as per request chapter 8 of Ai ni Yotte Influenza is being written. If all goes according to my plans, chapter 8 may well be the last chapter of the story. There will not be an 888, and there probably won't be a 999, as I'm thinking of phasing out the story requests and making them graphics requests only. The requested stories have been taking up too much of my time, and have been keeping me away from finishing (with the exception of the Yotte requests) works that I've already started. More on this to come next update. Now for the real update: in Icons there are two new Demeter icons in the Cats section. Soon to come will be a brand new pages of Yankees baseball icons. In Fanfiction there is a new story, the recently finished request Of Tours and New York.
7/8/06: Just a quick note to say that the request number of 667 has been reached. The new number is 777 - and I've done a tiny bit of updating of the request page. Happy summer.
5/28/06: In Fanfiction, under Omi, there is a brand new fanficiton - Trust and Truth. This is something I've been working on for four years, if you go by the publish date on my account. The fanarts/arts have been scanned; it's now a question of getting them colored.
5/25/06: Chapter seven of Ai ni yotte Influenza is up, and in fact chapter seven is the request of the 555 visitor. Not much else happening here, I know, but I've got some pictures, icons, and fan/arts to go up soon.
5/12/06: Real updates were promised, and damnit I'm delivering. Fanfiction: Icy Hot, the 444 request story, is up under Omi. I have also added two drabbles to the Animal Instincts series, and updated the Seiji/Mako outtake - now it has a real title! Lastly, I've changed the gallery a little, basically just moving things around a bit and compiling everything.
5/8/06: I am back from ACen, and there is a new kiriban number to reach; 667 (for all of you out there who believe in Satan's number, I'm skipping it). Speaking of which - REMEMBER YOUR SCREENCAPS OF THE COUNTER. This term has been hectic, so I'm a bit behind on everything. Real updates to come.
3/24/06: The request number has been met and the story requested. Hence, there is a new number: 555. And once again I forget my own website's birthday. In light of this, I'm creating a new section - Original Art, which can be found, ironically enough, under Fanworks. I'll be adding some new LotR icons sometime next week, and I'll have a new story shortly. Until then, happy belated birthday, Silent Angels.
1/23/06: Since nobody cashed in on the winning number, there is a new request number. The new number is 444. Good luck everyone. The last request I got has had a finished story attached to it for two weeks now - I've only just decided to put it up. It can be found under Omi in the fiction section, entitled Concerning Pools.
1/08/06: Happy belated New Year, everyone! In honor of my birthday (today), we have a new layout for the site! Silent::Angels now features Boromir, something I've wanted to do for a long time. Be on the look out for Lord of the Rings actor and character icons, which I will be making soon enough. There will also be a new story up sometime during this week.


11/12/05: This is not an update so much in terms of me adding new things to the site. However, the 222nd guest has been reached, so the magic number is being reset. Now the magic number is 266. The requested fic will be making its appearance shortly.
11/06/05: Icons: Guess what I've got for you this time. If you guessed CATS icons, you're entirely right. Eventually I will stop making them ... but only once I run out of really good pictures. Which, actually, isn't that far off. But I'm not saying when ... X3
10/27/05: I'm really spoiling you guys this month. Three updates. I haven't updated this many times in a single month since I opened this site. We have for you, Icons: There are more icons in CATS. Wallpapers: We have a total of five new wallpapers, featuring characters from Naruto, Duo of Gundam Wing, and CATS.
10/20/05: Icons: What's this? Two updates in the span of a month? Amazing, but true folks - I have added more CATS icons to the related page. They're rather nice, I think. Enjoy 'em, and be on the look out for more fanfiction of the KibaNaru kind soon.
10/10/05: Icons: The whole of the icons section has been redone, subtracted from, and added to. All icons are in order from oldest to newest, as best I can remember it - I like to think that the distinction between old ones and newer ones is apparent via improvement. We now feature CATS icons! That's right, folks - after nearly 8 years, Omi was re-bitten by the CATS bug, and went off making icons. They are all video-based; mostly 'cause it's easiest to get caps from my DVD to use. We also now feature some random anime icons; from Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Howl's Moving Castle. Some really old/really crappy icons have been removed.
09/2/05: Fiction: Two new drabbles of the Animal Instincts series are up under Omi-> Naruto in the fiction section. Icons: I present to you an entire new page of icons. The new collection is from the movies Onmyoji I and Onmyoji II. Nomura Mansai, the actor who played Abe no Seimei in these movies, is also there, and there will be Itoh Hideaki and Imai Eriko to come.
06/27/05: Fiction: Whisper is now up under Omi in the fiction section. I'm rather proud of it - as far as I know, it's the very first Onmyoji smut fiction to exist. Images: All the galleries have been re-done and added to. I have added another gallery for misc. Sailor Moon pictures that I have, but never got a chance to put up.
06/24/05: I have a hit counter again! The requests page is once more open to those who have the right number. We're starting from 333 and working our way up from there. Remember, get your screencaping fingers ready, because I won't take the request without it. Now for site updates: Fiction: Two new drabbles in the Animal Instincts collection are up. Icons: I overhauled the entire icons section, getting rid of some really bad ones, and generally straightening it out. A non-adoptable icon I made for my friend's birthday is up under J-rock, incase you care to see it. There are also 8 new Gackt icons (all adoptable) up.
03/13/05: Three new wallpapers are up in the wall paper section; 1 of Gaara from Naruto, 1 featuring an image from the opening of Samurai 7, and 1 of Kakashi and Obito from Naruto. Enjoy.
02/28/05: Yes, I realize that it has been an incredibly long time since I've updated this site. However, the site is not in the least dead! The move to the new server is complete, though some changes to need to be made to some pages. The important things are all online, though, and I will soon have some fanfiction of the Naruto-genre to put up. Please enjoy the new site with no advertisements!


09/07/04: I'm getting ready to switch to a new server, so if the site suddenly goes weird, that's why. But think of it this way, once it's all moved, you'll never have to deal with geocities' pop-ups again - doesn't that thrill you? Anyway, before I begin the move, I have a new fic, and a completed request, for you. An Odd Way to End a Night is now up in the fanfiction archive, under Omi, of course. Enjoy ^_^
08/18/04: Lookie at all the stuff that's been happening around there. There are four new banners to link back to Silent Angles; the original two have been deleted, as they are now obsolete. They weren't any good, anyway. So, if you would like, you may chose a new banner to link back here.
08/16/04: All traces of Children, you might have noticed, are gone. They have been moved to Meet Your Fear, which will be the new home of any and all works related to the mini-epic from now on. Please visit it here: The link is also up in the links page.
08/13/04: Updated 'Omittchi'. So I updated myself ^_^;;
08/11/04: Chapter six of Ai ni Yotte Influenza Desu is up in the archive. Please read and enjoy ^_^ (and if you do, please tell me so in the guestbook).
08/05/04: Massive updating happened in the various icon galleries. Please go check it all out ^_^
08/04/04: Choices too late, requested by S.P. Vinter and written by me, is now up in the fanfiction archive. I warn you all now ... I'm no good at writing romance.
08/02/04: Two new fanarts (photo manipulations), submitted by Vash-chan, are up in the fanart gallery.
07/11/04: I should have put this up a long time ago, and I thought I had - chapter two of The Innocent is now up.
05/21/04: A submitted piece of fanart (a photo-manip, actually) from Vash-chan is now in the fanart gallery. Yay!
05/06/05: I should have put this update up a lot earlier, because the chapter has been finished for a while. Chapter four of Children is up in the fics section. One more chapter and it'll have its own website =)
04/25/04: Two brand new fanarts, both drawn by Ya:Su (otherwise of "[KR] Cube: The Whole Story" fame). They are both for my own stories, Kodomo no Koibito and Children.
04/16/04: New icons up in the Dir en grey section. Two Kaoru, one Toshiya, two Kyo.

04/11/04: An insane amount of new bases in the base icons section. Feel free to take 'em and personalize 'em, but please give me some credit for them.
03/30/04: If you can't tell what's been updated, I reserve the right to beat you over the head. A whole new layout for Silent Angels welcome to version 3.0
03/13/04: A brand new fic, Nin-iell is up under Omittchi. Also, chapter three of Children has been added, and a new author, YuffieBunny, is up.
01/31/04: Chapter two of Children is now up. So go read it ^^
01/28/04: New chapter of ANYID (or the "Shinya is sick" fic). I'm considering moving my site to angelfire or something so I can link to my icons, rather than having to upload them all and take up annoying amounts of space.


12/06/03: Added a new link to the site Cool Like Plastic. It's a Gackt fansite, which is awesome as all hell (and I've taken icon templates from, shhh, don't tell). You should all go there.
12/01/03: Lots and lots of new icons. Mostly Deg, and mostly not up for the taking. Deg now has its own icon section, and jrock icons will probably have their own page shortly.
11/18/03: Two new fics are up under Omittchi~ =^-^= Kodomo no Koibito, and chapter one of Children can now be enjoyed by all, instead of just my friends ::grin::
11/04/03: New layout time for Silent Angels! Version 2.0 features Kana, one of the few female J-rockers that I like. In honor of the coming holidays I've named this one "snow". Also: New icons in the icons page. Two Shinya (Deg), two Miyavi, and one Kana.
11/03/03: A new fic is up! Chapter one of The Innocent a DiexKaoru fic, written for the 100th visitor to this site, can be found in the fics section under Omittchi.
10/17/03: Aren't I so good at updating regularly? And this time I'm not even bringing you any new fics. You get two new icons instead, a TotchixShinya(Deg), and a Hyde.
10/09/03: Chapter Four of the Untitled Deg fanfic is now up. Only it's not untitled anymore. It is now Ai ni yotte Influenza desu.